The Principle of Accountability

Accountability is assurance. God would evaluate your performance

Accountability is taking responsibility for the consequences of your action or inactions


  1. It is an instrument of feedback
  2. Accountability is an instrument of control. I Cor 9:2
  3. Accountability is an instrument of reward. Rev 3:12. He comes quickly to give everyone according to your world and not according to God’s resources.
  4. Rewards

How to

  1. You must embrace diligence.  To survive in this industry you must be able to manage so many things. Rom 12:11
  2. Demonstrate loyalty to the Kingdom. Rom 8:31-ff
  3. We must be conscious of the type of reward you want. John 15:2. ICor3:13.
  4. We must be selfless and generous
  5. You must be faithful at all times
  6. You must never be weary of doing good.

8. Be thankful. Responsibility is a privilege. When God decides to choose you, it is a privilege


  1. Ownership: God owns everything
  2. Responsibility: God entrusted everything into our hands
  3. Accountability: We would give account for how far we have managed his resources
  4. Reward: You are rewarded for you have done

The blessing in Stewardship

Luke 5:1-6.

When God makes a demand of you, he does it for your advantage.

  1. Supernatural Breakthrough

Stewardship is a key to divine blessing. When you give God what you have, he would give you what he has.

  1. Divine Trust. If you don’t pass the test of God, you cannot move to the next class. If Peter had failed the first test he would not have moved to becoming a fisher of men
  2. God can never say No to a man committed to God. You must choose to be faithful to God. God is ready to do much more than you are asking for but are you ready to act in faithfulness to him.
  3. Long Life. Stewardship commitment enrol you for Long Life. Exo 23:25. God becomes your defence when you are a steward. You can’t die before your time when you are faithful.
  1. Divine Healing and Divine Health. Exo 23:25.
  2. Fruitfulness Exo 23:25
  3. Eternal Rewards. The primary qualification for heaven is to believe in Christ but only stewards would receive eternal Rewards. Matt 25
  4. Supernatural Power of God. Mk 16:15-end These signs shall follow those who believe. You don’t know what you carry until you obey God.


Text: Matt 25:14 

Understanding Kingdom Stewardship 1 

  • A kingdom is the authority of God for mankind 
  • A steward is a manager of another man’s property, entrusted with another’s property. 
  • God owns everything and we are his stewards 
  • Stewardship is responsible meticulous management of God’s resources 

All that we have, we received from God

2Cor 9:6-7 

It is required for a Steward to be found faithful. Stewardship is a about serving God’s kingdom.


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